The prime minister for United Kingdom, Theresa may made a horrible statement on homosexual by forcing the president of Ghana His excellency Nana Addo Dankwa to legalize homosexuality in Ghana.

A Female American pastor has replied Theresa May, Pastor Antonio made it clear that  as long as the Bible made mention of homosexual, it will surely come to pass but no other power apart from God can command it to legalization.

However in it own schedule time, it will surely goes wherever continent it suppose to go And this is a sign of the end of this world.

She again said, Theresa may can’t force any president or leader to Legalize homosexuality.

Read what Theresa may said to President of Ghana, his excellency Nana Akuffo Addo below.


The prime minister of United kingdom Theresa May voice out on the decision ,the president of Ghana ,Nana Addo made to refuses the acceptance of  homosexuality in his country . Man to woman war (MWW)♦

Theresa May has made it clear that , UK will never help Ghana in any circumstances of need until the President has legalized homosexuality in Ghana.

The president of Ghana Nana Addo who have the heart of Christianity and good respect to his motherland said that , he will never accept homosexuality in Ghana until the people of Ghana requested for it. He said ,as far as the holy Bible speak against homosexuality so as he and his country will go against it.

let’s answer this questions in the comment box below

1.what benefit can homosexuality add to a country economic growth? 

2. why Theresa May wants blacks to do homosexual.
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