The Head pastor of Anointed Palace Chapel Rev. Obofuor out of anger sacked a very sick Church member from his church.

The  sick Church member who was sacked by Rev. Obofuor is Rapist who raped a young girl called Mariama and run away from his hometown. He was declared wanted by the police. The young girl mariama got sick severely as she was brought to Anointed palace chapel for spiritual healing.

Mariama , developed a very big wound on her perineum as well as her thighs. Rev. Obofuor realized that, she needs medical attention to Manager her as he handle the spiritual side. Rev. Obofuor arranged for her hospital bills and was discharged home.

Out of anger, Rev. Obofuor cursed the rapist to go mad at wherever he is. Unfortunately, Mariama died out of pain after discharged home from the hospital.

Rapist got mad and severely sick , and was brought to Rev. Obofuor to heal him but was sack to go and die at home.


Watch the video for more details.


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