– Michael Essien has been criticised for paying tributes to the late football legend Agogo – Essien has shared photos of Agogo on his Instagram page to mourn him, but some Ghanaians say it is hypocritical – He also referred to Agogo as his colleague, making many angry – Agogo had earlier told the BBC in an interview that his close friends including Michael Essien and Samuel E’too abandoned him when he suffered stroke – Perhaps, it was because of this reason that they blasted Michael Essien Former Ghana Black Stars team player, Michael Essien, has come under a barrage of criticisms following the death of his former football colleague Junior Agogo.

Essien had paid a tribute to Agogo on Instagram to mourn him, but some Ghanaians say it is hypocritical on his part. The former Chelsea player said he was sad to hear the sudden demise of Agogo, referring to him as his former colleague. READ ALSO: August born, August die: Sad and detailed biography of Junior Agogo you never knew However, rather than touch hearts, Essien’s post has landed on the bad nerves of some people who have not failed to attack him.

They said they were disappointed in him for turning his back on Agogo at the time he needed him most, but now that he was dead, he was paying tributes to him. Nabsy and Kwaku, for instance, were not happy Essien addressed Agogo as colleague instead of brother: itz_nabsy: “He’s not your colleague!!…why address him like a foreigner? He’s your brother!!! To the outside world, he’s your brother!!! Ahhhh, woama mewer3 aho papa @michaelessien.” kwaku_kyei_baffour67: “He is your brother not colleague ,you described him as strenger you people could have done better. now he is gone

Slim also said shame to Essien who failed to help Agogo but typing RIP after his death: slimbertthug: “This is not necessary when he was sick you should have been there to support him now that he is dead you guys posting as if you cared so much .all this Rip can’t bring him back show love to the living and not the dead shame to ya all,” Wilshere asked Essien to stop showing off:

ibwilshere10: “Masa shunned your self u abandoned him during his difficult tyms and now u are claiming supremacy… I’m very disappointed in you he claims u guys were best friends.” Ango was not happy either: ango_no_trust: “When Junior Agogo was sick no one even spoke about him or how he is doing, He died today and he is on your status. How many times did the media even posted his well being and how the world should support #CRAZY_WORLD… They Will Wait Till You Die So They Can Post You Everywhere For The World To See…. When You Died That’s When You Become Their Hero… #nanxix


Caramel called Essien a disgrace for his action: caramelcrunch: “Such a disgrace when he was alive you never made any effort with him ,he made it clear on his bbc interview that most of his team mate didn’t wanna know him because he was ill,now u wanna put a post out there like u were forced to do it ….” Musa also advised Essien to show love to the living and not the dead: musayusuf02: “#michealessien In an interview when asked did he still communicate to his football mates, he said no they dont longer have time for him bcz of his condition… show love to the living and not the dead shame to ya all

, Agogo had sadly revealed in an interview with the BBC about how his friends including Michael Essien and Samuel E’too left him when he had the stroke.

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