Welcome to http://www.Richghanaonline.com . Toady we are learning something about HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN WEBSITE. If you’re new to this platform, or missed my previous article on how to make money online as your second income  ,click here

But today, l will take you through the precoss, step by step to create your own website for your business or any niche you want a website for . People pay huge amount of money to others to create a website for them which you can do it yourself on your computer or mobile phone at less cost <a style=”color:#ff9900;” href=’http://WordPress.com‘>here . some other people finds their  website not functioning as they want . The problem is that, the host site is not strong to handle your site for you. so why don’t you do it yourself with the steps below

In website creation, the most important thing you should consider is the host company , domain,and a good theme .

What is website host or host company,?

Host company is the platform that host your website, eg. WordPress <a style=”color:#ff9900;” href=’http://WordPress.com‘>Wordpresss or bluehost.

l have been using WordPress and it has been helpful to me ,so l recommend you to choose WordPress . wordpress has already made guideline and features for people who don’t know anything about computer to be able to blog or publish .

To create your own website, all you require is a strong email, choose WordPress as a your host and select your plan ( domain) on WordPress through this link <a style=”color:#ff9900;” href=’http://WordPress.com‘>rdpress.com

lets start creating your website now

1. click here <a style=”color:#ff9900;” href=’http://WordPress.com‘>wordpress.com

2. click on get started to choose your plan ,in choosing plan , consider a profitable one ( premium or Business plan if your site aim is to make income)  over non profitable one( Free and personal plan ).

3. choose premium or business plan and fill out the forms .complete purchase and submit to get your site activated. or choose free  and personal plan to start and upgrade to premium or business plan later.

NOTE. when you click on 1. ,it will send you to the wordpress.com .all you have to do is click on get started <a href=’http://WordPress.com‘>get started and select your plan. fill out the forms and submit . All colored and underlined are links to right source to guide you create your own site

Congratulations, your website is activited.  Now that you have a website, let start mapping  the domain to wordpress . To do this download the WordPress app on playstore. install on your computer or mobile phone.

To map site to WordPress,

– go to your WordPress app

– click on plan

– go to custom domin or mapping

– follow the few step to start your process

make your site visible always, you can do this by visiting your profile, go to privacy , make it public. This allows people who search for your site on Google easily discovers you.

Now let’s start the monetization, every single site on WordPress is entitled to monetization,.

To monetize your site, click here to get the 34 strong ways for website monetization

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