Since last three years, music stars Becca and Bisa Kdei have been in the news for publicly displaying their affection towards one another which served as an indication that what the two share goes beyond platonic friendship


.But the two on all occasions have denied that rumour telling fans that they are just the best of friends

.In new photos making rounds online, the two who look so comfortable in each others arms interchangeably flaunted their customized snap-backs.

Becca left, Bisa kdei right

However, the rumours behind their relationship turned upside down which Becca finally got married to a different man.

The highlife artist bisa kdei revealed a very great disappointment in becca, simply because becca refused to come on his new song which he did with fameye.


According to Bisa kdei , when Becca shine was going down, he was the only artist who pushed her up in couple of her songs without taking anything . And now that he needed her support even if she will charge him, she is refusing to help him.

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