The CEO of Highly Spiritual Music, Kaywa has expressed his displeasure at his signee Kurl Songx for publicly undermining the hard work and progress of the management concerning his career.

Weeks ago, Kurl Songz disclosed in an interview that although his management is not slowing him down, in his honest opinion, things could have been much better than it is currently.

He added that if another label should come up with a better offer he would definitely seize the opportunity and leave Highly Spiritual Music.“If another label can help me be more successful I would live Highly Spiritual” Kurl Songz admitted.

Kaywa who’s however disturbed by Kurlz’s statement expressed his displeasure in an interview on Hitz fmaccording to him,  he has personally put in a lot of hard work towards the growth of the said musician’s career and thus he feels let down by the remarks of the artiste against Highly Spiritual music“I worked hard for 2 months to get Kurl Songz his interview on Daybreak Hitz so it was a bit disappointing to hear his comments on the label.”

Under the Highly Spiritual Music Label, however, artiste Kurl Songz has released hits such as Jennifer Lomotey, trumpet, amongst others, with the recent one being Lobi.

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