A 75-year old ex-drug baron who pushed drugs for 26 years, Paa Joe Donkor has disclosed that drugs only make rich folks poor and miserable admonishing the youth to desist from it and save their lives from becoming the kind of person he is today.


The once fabulously rich man who is now a pauper said drugs addiction is the worst thing that can happen to anybody adding that heart-breaks do not come close.He explained that when one becomes addicted he would not mind selling his expensive vehicles for peanuts just to buy drugs to satisfy his short happiness.

According to him, when drug addicts run out of stock they can easily break into nearby cars to steal money just to buy drugs adding that they can never be okay until they sniff the cocaine.

He recalled that all his social activities came to an abrupt end when he became an addict adding that he feared side effects will set in if he attends funerals away from his home.


In an interview with SVTV sighted by MyNewsGh.com, he recounted ‘Believe me, don’t ever go there, don’t let anybody deceive you into cocaine, when you have 100 million dollars within the next four hours you are going to get broke, because it will get finished. Once you start taking it, there’s something they call Cortactin within one month you become addicted, without it you can’t survive, your social life, physical life ceases, you can’t even travel, for a long time I never travelled or attended funerals, I will have Cortactin which will give me stomach cramps when I run out of stock.

Donkor who used to travel around the world with women on business class flights stressed that women and friends will vanished when he run out of money.The ex-drug baron emphasized that drugs will make society despise addicts’ families saying friends that he used to feed all shunned him.

He said he has been with the best women talk of women with guitar shapes and kissable lips but all these flashy lifestyle didn’t end him anywhere and has now turned a wretched old man who struggles before he eats.


Paa Donkor advised the youth not to be deceived into using drugs saying one can misuse his/her 100 million dollars on drugs within four hours.‘I’m begging the youth don’t ever do the mistake that I did, I have taken women to Switzerland, I have slept at hotels where I paid 500,000 dollars a day, I have taken women to Venice, it’s a paradise on earth, because I wanted to impress them but at the end of the day, they vanished.

. I have worn the best suits made by Italian tailors but now I’m being humiliated because of drugs,’ he advised.He called on society not to shun drug addicts but to draw them closer and reform them to be better persons again adding that he attempted suicide twice because he couldn’t stand the humiliation.

Source: Mynewsgh.com

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