The popular UMP artist, Kobby Oxy has been fired by lindee over his mpaebo song. According to Lindee, Kobby Oxy has been making noise on his so called mpaebo song just because he featured Yaa Jackson on it.


Lindee has expressed her feeling over the hype Kobby Oxy have been giving to Yaa Jackson. She said, Yaa Jackson is not popular than her that Kobby Oxy Will be looking down on her (lindee) .

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Lindee fires Kobby Oxy

However,it has been alleged that, lindee wanted Kobby Oxy on her song but Kobby Oxy seems to turn blind eye on her.

Download the song here.

According to Kobby Oxy, he hasn’t turn blind eye on her talent, he will surely work with her on the new song she is about to release.