Home is where we retreat for comfort after the hustles of the day. It’s, therefore, imperative that your home, especially the bedroom, remains as cozy as it can get. This is your own private domain and it deserves a lot of attention and detail, more so when it comes to the design, upholsteries, lighting, furniture, and accessories.

Top 5 Most Stylish Celebrity Bedrooms
In most cases, the best design for your bedroom will depend on its size, color, and even shape as well as the ultimate appearance that you want to create.

These factors will influence your furniture choices as well as the other elements mentioned above. For instance, Kevin Sykes from Modern Digs Furniture recommends a wooden platform bed for a sleek, minimalist bedroom. And in most cases, we tend to seek inspiration from big names and brands. Celebrity homes have for the longest time inspired homeowners on the fundamentals of luxury.

Whether in the world of music, the film industry, fashion, business or politics, there’s a thing about celebrities that makes their fans just want to hear the latest gossips about them, talk about them, follow their updates on social media, know their pet names, and most importantly, know how they live! While many people are more interested in the kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and outdoor areas, what are some of the most stunning bathrooms for celebrities?

So, if you wanted to take a sneak preview of your favorite celebrity cribs, here are the top 5 most stylish celebrity bedrooms you can even steal an idea or two from.

1. Angelina Jolie
In her six-bedroom multimillion Hollywood home, Jolie relaxes in a cool lit bedroom that overlooks the L.A skyline.

The bedroom features a continuation of traditional décor that is a signature in the whole mansion. Beautiful rugs complement the curtains on the windows while the dark wood furniture and an open fireplace give the room a nice finish. Considering that she may have been through a rough road over the past few years when it comes to relationships, Jolie may have quite a number of things to lament about… but the bedroom is obviously not one of them.

2. Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp remains to be one of the most talented iconic figures in the entertainment industry. His master bedroom is the main highlight in his L.A penthouse.

The bedroom features secured floor to ceiling windows that provide lighting and a magnificent view overlooking the L.A. with some of his personal art collection decorating the wall, the room has a cool vibe to it. A rustic ottoman kind of a table stands at the foot of the bed while the exposed brick work gives the room a traditional finish.

3. Constance Zimmer
In her Los Angeles home, the famous Unreal actor is no doubt a vintage art lover. She’s added some old suitcases that are piled on one side of the bed and the other side, a Noir Peter Nightstand, making the room feel warm and cozy. Noticeable is also a Tribal Diamond Geometric Throw blanket and some beautiful drapes on the curtains. The room is well-lit and it complements the bright wall colors.

4. Lady Amelia Windsor
Though royalty, Lady Amelia Windsor still remains a down to earth kind of a person. The walls in her bedroom feature plain cream with a touch of her favorite personal photos. Other decorative items include decorative ornaments, colored feathers, and a beautiful pot on the dressing table. This brings in the idea of simplistic bedroom designs that are both casual yet attractive if well enhanced with the right lighting and accessories.

5. Roberto Cavalli
You wouldn’t expect anything less than opulence showcased in art and elegance. Roberto Cavalli’s master bedroom features signature animal prints that give the bedding a touch of class. The zebra silk duvet adds an exotic touch and complements the rest of his artwork collection. His art collection includes a 19th-century giltwood mirror on the headboard.So whether your style involves a rustic design, modern, simple, or traditional, our celebrities only know very well that when it comes to relaxing, one needs to go all in.

It’s all up to you to decide on what works best based on your needs. As you can expect, most of these bedroom design ideas may not come cheap, considering that they’re stylish and they’re celebrity-inspired. Just ensure that you’ve set a budget for it and when you manage to pull it off, you will see that the cozy, comfortable, and incredibly appealing bedroom look was worth your while.


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