Please take note of this information and spread it nationwide. Support the nabco trainees to retrieve their money from the government.

The leadership of COALITION OF NABCO TRAINEES by this Communiqué strongly put to the notice of all NABCO Trainees Nation wide and sympathizers that our decision to embark on a Massive demonstration coming *Friday, 12 April, 2019* remains uninterrupted and happening live whether rainfall or sunshine.

Again, we would like to reaffirm our position that under no circumstance shall we compromise partial fulfillment of our plights by the Secretariat to intercept the pending Demonstration.
We concrete on our strong Appeal requesting the Secretariat to pay all Arrears from November to March within the stipulated timelines before *Friday, 12th April 2019*.

Demonstration comes on even if they remit February stipends in the course of the week without jointly settling that of *March* and *all arrears due Trainees date back November, 2018*.
We therefore request all Trainees to remain unanimous, keep the fire burning and prepare solidly for Friday’s Demonstration dubbed *Pay all arrears and regularize the payment of our stipends*.

All Trainees should join the Official Telegram page for more updates ⬇️⬇️

*Our message is quite simple.*

1.Pay us all unpaid allowances (from November to date)

2. Henceforth, we demand regular payment of our stipends. The finance minister made it clear in parliament that money for NABCO is fully assured and available. We also confirmed ¢600m reserved fund which can’t be exhausted within few months of irregular payments of stipends.

3. We demand all unplaced Trainees be equally placed as soon as possible.
We are by this communique calling on all members of NABCO nationwide and sympathisers to get prepared for the demonstration scheduled for *12th, April, Friday 2019. @8am*
meeting Point :Obra spot, circle *If our grievances remain undressed within the days before the stipulated date*.

All Nabco Trainees Nationwide.
@and etc.

*Nana Barimah Asamoah*
National President
Coalition of Nabco Trainees

*Frank Aboagye Mensah*
PRO, Coalition of Nabco Trainees

*Abubakar Sadic*
Greater Accra President
Coalition of NABCO Trainees

*Sylvia Kamkam*
Secretary, Coalition of Nabco Trainees


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