You are an individual, you were made with individual qualities that no one has but you. The qualities I am talking about are locked in a treasure inside your soul. When you recognize the call from the Divine God, the treasure inside your soul will be revealed to you. It is the only way that you can understand the unique nature that was imparted into your soul at the time you were created and sent into to this world by the way of human birth.


But when you hear the call from the Divine God you become born of Spirit and you are given special vision and hearing to see and hear what others on earth can not. My recommdations to this young generation on earth today: dont harden your heart like they did in the olden days, but receive the call and hear the voice from the one calling you and open your heart up to accept into your life: Divine Wisdom, a conscienceness of the transformation going on inside your heart and mind, rest in your Father that is in heaven.

Decrease in what will keep your heart hard against the one who created you. Increase in time in prayer meditation to understand the great transformation you are going through. You will not be disappointed but pleasantly surprised in the loving Father you have in heaven.

Stay tuned for the continuation of this thought. Let those who have ears to hear what the Spirit of the Living God is saying receive this as a key to open up what they are desiring to happen in their life for a miracle to happen to them.

Apostle Antonia Schupback

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