Staff Sergeant Eric Ganyo-Dekpey of the Ghana Armed Forces is asking six questions to unravel the circumstances which led to the death of his wife Ruffina Selalinam Ganyo-Dekpey Damalie.


In an open letter to the President and Commissioner of Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Service, the bereaved husband said reports about the cause of his wife’s death were conflicting hence, the need for thorough investigation.

“What is troubling my mind are the contradictions in the information gathered from my wife’s immediate bosses that she did not collapse at the washroom but rather collapsed when she leaned against a wall and the refusal of the Customs command at Aflao to let me see where my wife allegedly collapsed,” he noted. Staff Sergeant Ganyo-Dekpey stated in his write-up that he was at work when he received a call that his wife “had collapsed and had been rushed to the Aflao Government Hospital.” “

“When I arrived, I met the lifeless body of my beloved wife in a prone position on the hospital bed without any life support equipment. “We proceeded to the Aflao command of the Customs Division to find out what truly happened because the stories leading to my wife’s death kept changing.

The story had it that my wife reported for work in her usual cheerful mood but later collapsed while visiting the ladies washroom,” he said.
“When she was found, her colleagues handed her over to two “goro boys” to send her to the hospital.

This story was confirmed by the two “goro boys”. According to the doctor’s report, my wife was brought in dead from the Customs office. “My wife’s colleagues had cars parked in their yard but none offered nor used any of those cars or even cared to take her to the hospital. Would you believe that we had to call the Customs Office to inform them that their colleague they sent in a taxi to the hospital had passed on? No Customs officer cared to follow up,” he added.


Ganyo-Dekpey is itching to get answers to some six questions regarding the sudden demise of his wife.

He asks:

1. When did my wife report to work?

2. What were activities that morning?

3. When did she “allegedly” collapse and who saw her first? 

4. Was the washroom where she allegedly collapsed broken into?

5. Why was she not accompanied to the hospital by uniformed personnel but “goro boys”?

6. Why was she transported in a hired taxi instead of Customs Division vehicles?

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