A 72-year-old woman who lost everything is just happy to be alive.
Earnestine Reese was all smiles Sunday after a tornado demolished her home.
Her nephew posted this video of her on Facebook.

She’s talking on FaceTime to her grandson, who is away at college.
Reese can be heard thanking God, even as she sits in a field of a rubble with a broken hip.

“We all got pushed down flat, says her daugher, Lashawn Wilson.
“We were like dominoes on top of each other. My son was on top of me. He said, ‘Mom I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die.’ and I said ‘Son just pray your way through.’ She’s in good spirits as you can see in the video. She’s been strong throughout it all. Even in the middle of the devastation, she has maintained her faith and she’s currently in the hospital but she’s stable. So at this point that’s all we can ask for, considering the losses.”

23 people in Alabama were killed on Sunday.
According to the Emergency Measures Agency, winds reached up to 170 miles per hour – leaving a trail of destruction more than 23 miles long.

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