A woman who raised a false alarm in a car that her children were being kidnapped has been arrested by the Sekondi police.

The false kidnap alarm almost resulted in the lynching of a 45-year-old man, who later turned out to be the husband of the woman.The incident happened at Effiakuma, a suburb of Sekondi/Takoradi, Wednesday morning after the enraged lady accused the man of kidnapping his own children.

The man, who has been having problems with his Nigerian wife, had gone to the house of his wife at Effiakuma to pick his children who were in her custody.But the wife, whose name has been given as Kediya, forcibly joined them in the private saloon car being driven by the man.

The wife, 42, started raising an alarm that the children – all female – were being kidnapped.
This attracted the attention of motorists and other pedestrians who started pursuing the vehicle.

The suspicion and uproar of agitated residents kept heightening as some radio stations in the metropolis painted the situation very scary on air as being one of the recent kidnap cases.

The angry mob accosted the car, smashed the windscreen and nearly lynched the husband but for the timely intervention of the police.The man was whisked by the police to the Effiakuma Police Station while the mob with clubs and cudgels also besieged there.

They were later sent to the Regional Police Command in Sekondi where the woman has been charged for raising force alarm.

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