Hon. Kin ofori Atta

The minister of finance Hon.kin Ofori Atta has explained why December stipend has delayed. He started by congratulating the government for such initiative in other to reduce unemployment rate in Ghana.

Nabco has employed 100,000 Ghanaian graduate into the Ghana labour force to boost the economy of our motherland Ghana.

Hon. Kin Ofori Atta made a clear message to Nabco Trainees’ and the people of Ghana that,nabco is under the ministry of finance.Therefore all nabco Trainees’ will be receiving their stipends through E-zwich under the ministry of finance.

He therefore made an explanation on what delay the December stipend, he started by saying,the Nabco secretariat has inflate the numbers by 9000 . We intended to pay the December stipend on 24th december 2018  ,however,these numbers were later brought to us by nabco secretariat that their stipends for November haven’t been paid which makes it difficult for us to pay them. It has also come to our notice that some people who are not in Nabco has received November stipend whilst some of the nabco trainees’ haven’t received their stipend.

Ministry of finance has set committee to investigate into the matter .However all Nabco Trainees should exercise patient as their stipends’ both December and January will be paid soon.