According to the bible, the fake pastors’ will be known by their fruits .

People now at days believes in the pastors than God.

A married woman who went to a church just to asked for a child from a pastor has become a game for the pastor to play.

It takes a Nigerian Pastor to removed someone’s wife underwear and asked her to open her legs to allow the spirit of pregnancy to penetrate into her vagina inside the church before the church members.

The pastor ordered her to do so else, the spirit will destroy her womb ,she will not get pregnant in her life if she refuses the command from the spirit.

This lady humbly did So in front of the church members all in the name of seeking for a child. But the sad story is that, the pastor gave her two month to get pregnant, three months pass this woman couldn’t get pregnant after all this prophecy.

People of Africa, beware of this fake Pastors, God spirit doesn’t penetrate through vagina before causing pregnancy.

” a word to a wise, is enough”

Watch this preaching from the American best female pastor.

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