Coalition of unposted nurses in Ghana specifically who completed in November 2016 and August 2017 has voice out again on the Government for causing promise and fail in their lives.

In the 2016 Npp campaign message, it was clearly stated that, nurses and teachers trainee’s allowance Will be restored. Indeed Npp government restored the allowance but has neglected those who completed in 2016-2017. Allowance are given to trainee’s on campus,but if the trainee didn’t receive the allowance during school days ,it is then being pay to them as back payment.

They said that, Nana Addo and his government hasn’t been fair to them which they need to be compensated. Their juniors has been receiving allowance, why did Nana Addo rejected their batch.


As if that is not enough, government continue the act of ” promise and fail” in our life which has caused us and our family mental illness.

In several occasions and platforms, the vice president of the Republic of Ghana  Bawumia has been promising us with time frame which he fails to fulfill. There have never been a time in Ghana history where nurses have been at home over two good years await postings

“We the unposted nurses are pleading onto the Government to provide us job early 2019.”