Founder of the International Godway Church and Controversial televangelist who has arrogated himself the powers of an angel has revealed the secret behind his source of wealth, can report.

Angel Daniel Obinim who is fond of luxurious vehicles and has acquired a fleet of them including Rolls Royce Ghost and a G-Wagon has shockingly revealed that he steals money spiritually to stash his bank accounts and is not afraid to admit to it openly.

“It is not your money I am looking for. When I am searching for money I go into the spiritual realm, steal it and bring to the physical. I will not stop revealing this secret at all because I say it every day. The wealth I have acquired and people are wondering how I made it, this is the secret”, he told members of his congregation.

He bragged that no one can take him to court with accusations he is a thief. “I will tell the judge in the face, my lord I steal the money in spirit and no bank has come to lodge a complaint that Obinim has come to steal our money”

In his narration, he steals the money in various currencies including cedis, dollars, euros, and pounds.

“I steal the money in spirit and perform some rituals and it comes physical and then I go to lodge it in my bank account that is how come I have several bank accounts”, he added.

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