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In the 15th century, our great ancestors in Africa here use to worship idols, they see their idols as their creator and everything. They respect the idols. The idols also respect them and solve their problems for them. 

Most of the Africa countries were divided into tribes and each tribe has a kingdom. Each kingdom has its rules and regulations and how they do their things ( culture)

Africa was Rich because most of the resources were available in abundance( gold, diamond, Timber, and many more).


Africa was also spiritually rich. The truth was very activee in those days Re ., the gods of those days used to kill people who steal, lie, do prostitute, wicked things, and any sort of sin.

It came to a time of colonization, where the white people came to Africa and took over the continent to rule it themselves. Before then, Africa was under the rule of kings.

These white people were trying their best to take all the gold and diamonds away, but they were not able to do so because the gods were very powerful, these white people die whenever they attempt to steal the gold and the diamonds.

So these white people made a plan to make the gods of Africa powerless, they brought in Christianity to preach against idol worshiping so that the Africans will reject their god’s and become unprotected by the gods anymore, so they create a picture in the mind of the Africans that their gods won’t give them freedom, the idol-worshiping will kill all of them.

They introduce the holy bible to them preaching to them about heaven and God’s love. They also create another picture in the mind of Africans that heaven is built with plenty of Gold that they could be walking on gold when they come to God.

All that they were doing is to create confusion between Africans and their gods (idols) so that the gods will hate them and refuse to protect them and their properties, so that the white people will be able to take their gold and the diamond away.  This went on until the Africans accepted Christianity and throw away all their idols and became powerless.

These white people started stealing their resources which includes gold, diamond, and other precious things and sent them to their country.

Africa resources have made British, American, Asians Rich BUT  AFRICA IS NOW POOR

They took all our gold and diamonds and left us with the Bible.


As if it wasn’t enough for them, they again took the advantage to Cause Africa another pain by introducing the slave trade into the system.

They picked up all the strong men and women who can help build Africa away from their country.

They used the Africans’ as their slaves, they made them work all day. British was properly built by African slaves.

African slaves were going through all sorts of pain. Others were beaten to death 💀, others were seriously injured, no good medical care was given



Now at day’s, the little income earn by these Christians, the fake pastors who are hungry have been taken their money with all sorts of lies.

They know the problems of Africans’, so it’s easy for the pastor to mislead and take their money by selling ordinary oil to them as anointing oil. Having all the boldness to convince the Christians to buy and use as a means of solving their problems.

African Christians can remain poor to death because of the lies from the pastors.

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