Malaria is a killer diseases in Africa …so therefore ,there is a need to prevent it than allowing it harm you before seeking for Treatment.

To prevent yourself from getting malaria , practice the following preventive measure.

1. Ensure environmental hygiene …There is a need to clear away all bushes around, and also clear chock gutters .

2. Sleeping in treated insecticide mosquito nets is very important.

3. Apply mosquito repellants on your body during night to prevent mosquito bite.

4. Live in a mosquito proof house ( all windows should have net with no hole) to prevent mosquito from entering the room.

5. Wear long shirts to cover body at night to prevent mosquito bite.

6. Use mosquito insecticide spray to spray your room 30 minute before going to bed.

7. Visit hospistal reguraly to be check either you have malaria parasite in your blood.

Malaria Drugs Available

1. Artesunate
3.Fansider (s.p) for pregnant women
4.Artesunate Amodiaquine
5. Artemether- Lumifanterine

Note: visit a doctor before taking any of this drugs …Don’t abuse it.